Make Commutes Around Key West More Fun, Let's Vespa!

Vespa has established itself as an innovative and revolutionary brand focused on encouraging a fun lifestyle. Historically, it has a connection with the Planet, strong ties to women, and has maintained a close connection with the world of art and creativity. The Vespa brand encompasses a youthful spirit that is clearly represented in the color schemes of the scooter models.

The scooter brand is a perfect and affordable new way to travel through the streets of Key West. Having a method of transportation that will likely decrease traffic congestion is ideal for Key West as many tourists circulate in and out of the area. Whether you are travelling through the Historic Key West District or parking at Higgs Memorial Beach Park; a Vespa can be the ideal vehicle for you. 

When Innovation Inspires Revolution

The Vespa was created in the early 1950s in Italy. Vespa was an original, useful and beautiful product that immediately won over the hearts of a post-WWII public when Italy was trying to make a comeback. Vespa's creator, Corradino d'Ascanio, was an ingenious designer with a technology-first mentality who blended creativity and mechanical engineering into a functional, aerodynamic and simple vehicle.


Vespa became widely adopted due to its unique appeal that revolutionized the way people got around on roads all over the globe and launched a brand-new way of expressing oneself. The Vespa brand continues to center freedom in their message from the very beginning- not only a means of transportation, but as a state of mind inspired riders to cry out in a loud voice Live more Vespa!